by Living Terror

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released February 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Living Terror Plano, Illinois

Chicago-area metallers Phil Kurasz (of Lasting Vengeance), Andrew Whitfield (ex-Clad in Darkness, ex-Ghost of Mendea), Rob Whitworth (ex-Reprobation, ex-Blutige Nacht), and Josh Lloyd (ex-Deficit) formed Living Terror in late 2014 for one purpose: to spread true, old-school, aggressive metal throughout the Midwest. ... more

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Track Name: Warfare (demo)
From battlefield to battlefield
Proliferating fronts extend
In this violent global pageantry
There’s no more homeland to defend

Count the bodies millions, billions
Numbers lose all meaning
Forgotten names of casualties
Part the lips of the bereaving

By land: destroy
By air: destroy
By sea: destroy
Their will: destroy

Boundless warfare
Ceaseless warfare
Hopeless warfare

Bombing major thoroughfares
Roadside detonation
Once city streets, now smoking ruins
Fractured information
Supply lines cut, munitions low
Militant castration

Call in reinforcements, no time to be cautious
Hold the line no matter what, acceptable losses
One foe down but more will rise, still others lying dormant
Fight on ‘til death triumphant comes, postmortem celebrate

Multiply, deify, amplify, rectify
Justify, ratify, glorify warfare

Worship warfare
Extol warfare
Bow to warfare
Track Name: Lust for Blood (demo)
In battle they emerge
Those ancient fearless soldiers
Existing only to kill
Bred with hellish lust for blood

Assemble with the sword
Limbs to hack and flesh to flay
A morbid need to rape the land
Devastate! Burn them all!

The smell of rotting flesh and liquid gore
Entrails, vultures ready for a feast
No remorse
Lust for blood!
Lust for blood!
We destroy
Slash and burn our enemy

In a svinfylking formation
With wave by wave of endless crushing death
We slaughter and vanquish you

Strike first, strike hard!

Soon chaos spreads through their ranks
Panicked they flee
The commanders fall one by one

Keeping body parts as spoils of war
Worn as trophies hailing victory
Loud triumphant shouts from the field
Lust appeased

The disfigured and wounded left
All must die to spread the fear
For the enemy now must bend the knee

We rule you
Under our heel
Crushing your will
We conquer all!